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In December of 1989 Innovative Automation opened its doors for business. With a vision to be a world class leader in systems integration we knew that we would need to align ourselves with good partners; Shelley Automation was a partner that we felt could help us achieve this goal. Shelley Automation not only provided quality products that supported many of the requirements for the systems we would build, they also had strong sales and technical support teams to ensure that we were using the right products in the right applications, and that we were applying these products for ultimate functionality. 29 years later Innovative Automation is entering into an exciting new chapter in our history, we are growing globally, and have opened our new purpose built state of the art facility. With the Grand Opening event for our new facility we wanted to include key partners to Innovative Automation, partners that have worked alongside us and helped us to get to this exciting new chapter; Shelley Automation was one of the key partners that we shared this event with. Innovative Automation is a Global leader in systems integration. Shelley Automation has been a key partner to Innovative Automation throughout our journey, and will continue to be a key partner in helping us to ensure that “OUR” customers receive the best solutions for their automation needs.
“They provide us with great products, good customer service and on-site support as needed. Shelley understands the high standards that our company requires and are most effective in meeting our technical and commercial expectations.”
"We have worked on several projects that involve vision systems and other sensors. Shelley is my first choice to go to because they listen first, then provide us with their recommendations. They have excellent products, amazing customer service and outstanding technical support."
“We appreciate how well Shelley Automation responds to our needs; they have done excellent work delivering engineered inspection solutions for our projects. Great people and great support!​"

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