Application Based Robots


Automate faster with certified application kits and components.


Welding Cobot

The Vectis Cobot Welding Tool helps manufacturers boost productivity amid the shortage of skilled labour by reducing the learning curve, setup time, risk, and cost of robotic welding. Powered by a Universal Robots UR10e collaborative robot, the Vectis Cobot Welding Tool is portable, safe, versatile, and extremely easy-to-use.

Autonomous Bin Picking Cobot

Get your automation on track with Apera 4D Vision. Apera delivers real-time solutions that facilitate production, increase overall efficiency and reduce downtime with vision intelligence for robotics. Apera’s intelligent 4D Vision software propels your robotic system productivity regardless of the object you’re working with.

Palletizing Cobot

The Robotiq Palletizing Solution automatically generates and optimizes all trajectories and robot movements using box dimensions (weight, and orientation), pallet dimensions, and pallet configuration. What does that mean for you? No need to program all those waypoints by yourself!


Pick, measure, and place parts with one robotic workstation. The Q-Span™ Workstation Kit allows you to automate QC measurements of small parts. The do-it-yourself robotic inspection tool offers fast ROI in high-mix, small-batch manufacturing. Easy to set up, easy to reconfigure for additional parts and processes.

Finishing Cobot

ATI Industrial Automation’s AOV-10 Axially-Compliant Orbital Sander is the ideal robotic solution for surface preparation and finishing. With built-in compliance, the AOV-10 is well-suited for many robotic applications—even those that require a very light touch. A pneumatically actuated compliance mechanism allows for dynamic control of contact forces to ensure consistent results.

Screwdriving Cobot

Deploy and master your robotic screwdriving application by adding Robotiq Screwdriving Solution to a UR cobot. So intuitive, no robotics experience is required. Get a simple, cost-effective automation solution, and say hello to consistent screwdriving around the clock.

Vision Guided Cobot

Micropsi Industries develops software for robots. The product, MIRAI, enables industrial robots to handle variance in production. MIRAI-powered robots use cameras and sensors to react in real time to dynamic conditions in a workspace.

Complimentary Partners


Start-up Assistance

Our team is knowledgeable on all of our product lines and can provide valuable support, before, during and after the sale.

Product Training

We provide product, as well as, application specific training for a range of our technologies. We are here to teach you everything we know.

Lab Test Center

We perform proof of concepts for your robotic, electro-mechanical, conveyor and vision inspections. Ensuring our solutions meet your application requirements. 

Machine Vision Feasibilities

We provide thorough vision testing to ensure your machine vision inspection, guidance and identification requirements are solved utilizing the right combination of smart camera and lighting hardware.

Robotic Feasibilities

Our robotics experts can provide you with a report outlining the capabilities of a proposed solution with specific consideration to your application, using your parts.


We provide value added system integration services to minimize deployment time and maximize your return on investment.


Our technology specialists can help get your application deployed quickly and efficiently, utilizing standard programming software, as well as, creating custom code in VB, C#, Java, and Python. 

Certified Repair Center

We are a certified repair center for many of the products we provide to industry.

IPS Design Center

We offer T-Slot Aluminum Framingservices that is most suitable for machine bases and frames, linear slide systems, safety guarding and enclosures, worktables, structural framing and material handling.

Pneumatic Manifold & FRL Assembly

Our team is knowledgeable on all of our product lines and can provide valuable support, before, during and after the sale.