Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging Technology

Shelley Medical Imaging Technologies is internationally recognized as a leader in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of high quality, precise and highly accurate:

  • Programmable physiological blood flow pump simulators, multi-modality (MRI, CT, ultrasound and PIV).
  • Programmable single and multi-axis MRI compatible motion platforms, multi-modality (MRI, CT, PET & ultrasound).
  • Programmable DCE-Perfusion Phantoms (MRI, CT & PET)
  • Anatomically correct dynamic heart & vascular phantoms, multi-modality (MRI, CT, ultrasound and PIV).
  • Performance evaluation phantoms for MRI, CT, micro-CT, X-Ray and ultrasound applications.
  • Blood mimicking fluids, ultrasound, MRI and endovascular applications

Shelley Medical provides custom anatomically correct and accurate vascular and organ models derived from STL files, CT or MRI datasets.



A blood flow, physiological motion, vascular and tissue simulation company for diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy and interventional applications for the following modalities; CT, MRI, PET, PIV and ultrasound. Ask about our “custom patient specific silicone vascular models”.


Start-up Assistance

Our team is knowledgeable on all of our product lines and can provide valuable support, before, during and after the sale.

Product Training

We provide product, as well as, application specific training for a range of our technologies. We are here to teach you everything we know.

Lab Test Center

We perform proof of concepts for your robotic, electro-mechanical, conveyor and vision inspections. Ensuring our solutions meet your application requirements. 

Machine Vision Feasibilities

We provide thorough vision testing to ensure your machine vision inspection, guidance and identification requirements are solved utilizing the right combination of smart camera and lighting hardware.

Robotic Feasibilities

Our robotics experts can provide you with a report outlining the capabilities of a proposed solution with specific consideration to your application, using your parts.


We provide value added system integration services to minimize deployment time and maximize your return on investment.


Our technology specialists can help get your application deployed quickly and efficiently, utilizing standard programming software, as well as, creating custom code in VB, C#, Java, and Python. 

Certified Repair Center

We are a certified repair center for many of the products we provide to industry.

IPS Design Center

We offer T-Slot Aluminum Framingservices that is most suitable for machine bases and frames, linear slide systems, safety guarding and enclosures, worktables, structural framing and material handling.

Pneumatic Manifold & FRL Assembly

Our team is knowledgeable on all of our product lines and can provide valuable support, before, during and after the sale.