Collaborative Robot Training



Proper training is essential when it comes to getting your collaborative robots to perform to their full potential. For this reason, Shelley Automation is offering free in-class training courses across Canada. This ensures that Small and Medium Enterprises will also be able to maximize the potential of their cobots through complex applications in automation that raise production quality while increasing productivity with minimal additional cost and manpower requirements.

Interested in Registering?

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in attending one of our collaborative robot workshops. A representative will be in touch with you shortly to confirm the date and location of your preference. Thank you for your interest in learning with us!

Starts at 9:30 AM

The workshop will begin at 9:30 AM and will run until 3:30 PM with coffee and washroom breaks in between.

Lunch is Served

Please let us know of any food allergies, dietary or religious restrictions so we can serve a meal fit for you!

Free of Charge

Our team has received extensive training on cobotic technology and is ready to help spread the knowledge.

What you will learn

Learn about the latest in collaborative manufacturing techniques, system setup, deployment and re-deployment, grippers & end-effectors. Application examples will be discussed for: machine tending, palletizing, material handling, inspection, assembly and more.