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The Competitive Advantage You Need

More than 50,000 Universal Robots Collaborative Robots are used in production environments every day around the world!

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Snap Signal: IIoT Made Easy

This smart-factory portfolio forms an overlay network by capturing signals from existing and new devices, converting them to a unified protocol, and then distributing them to monitoring platforms for consumption.

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Leader In Permanent Marking Solutions

Gravotech designs and manufactures innovative engraving, marking and cutting solutions.

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Optimize your logistics workflows

MiR robots help optimize your internal logistics and take over monotone and time-consuming tasks allowing the employees to focus on more value-adding work.

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Make It Right For Your Customers

Manufacturers can speed production, minimize defects and reduce costs with machine vision technologies.

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Elite Distributor of SMC

We are proud to be recognized as an elite distributor of SMC in Canada! 🥇

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Industrial And Automation Conveyors

Dorner’s wide variety of industrial, precision and sanitary conveyance solutions are designed to optimize your efficiency and productivity.

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Transform Your Vision into Reality

Need a custom engineered solution? Our skillful team of automation experts can design a feasibility report to identify the best solution for your application.

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