Hosted by the Shelley Automation and MiR team

Autonomous Mobile Robots are cost-effective, safe, flexible to deploy - and are making automation easier than ever

Internal transportation and material handling play a fundamental part in automating success. The autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from MiR can smoothly optimize these workflows. The highly adaptable mobile robots can be deployed and redeployed in hours, and move anything from smaller parts to heavy loads and pallets. Regardless of location – production plants, warehouses, distribution centers or healthcare sector venues – the MiR robots always work safely alongside people. 

Please join us for a quick and informative webinar on the importance of automating your processes from the Shelley and MiR team. 

Date: Tuesday, May 26th 2020

Time: 11:00 A.M - 12:00 P.M. Eastern Time (1 hour long)

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The Webinar will take place Tuesday, May 26th at 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. Eastern Time.

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