How To Videos

How To Videos

Need help getting started? These videos will show you how to overcome obstacles you may encounter when using machine vision systems from Cognex. If you are unable to solve the issue you are having after watching these videos contact us and we will be happy to help.

How to use TestRun in Spreadsheet View

A demonstration of how to use the TestRun utility in the spreadsheet view of In-Sight Explorer. 

How to use TestRun in Easybuilder View

A walkthrough of how to use TestRun in EasyBuilder view to choose inspection parameters that work for all images.

How to do point calibration in In-Sight Vision Suite

A guide on how to use the Calibrate function to output feature locations in real world coordinates. Examples covering blobs and points.

How to perform a grid calibration in In-Sight Vision Suite

A guide to doing a grid calibration in the In-Sight Vision Suite and converting from pixel to world coordinates using blob and point tools.

How to compare floats using Red Lion products

Explanation of common pitfalls encountered when trying to compare float variables in Red Lion products, and potential solutions, including a code example.

How to measure in real world coordinates

Basic tutorial about how to measure in real world coordinates. Procedure is similar for other tools and is demonstrated here using the caliper and CalibrateGrid functions.

How to reuse calibrations in different job files

How to start a new file and import a calibration structure used in a previous job. This eliminates the calibration step when starting a new file.

How to use a calibration created with the Cognex UR cap in another job

The Cognex URcap is a sleek way to connect your camera and Universal Robot but it may not have the flexibility the job requires. I show you how to take the calibration created by the URcap and use it in another job that doesn’t use the URcap.

Changing job files using discrete IO

Guide to changing job files on a Cognex camera by using discrete IO.

Connecting to your Cognex Emulator

How to connect to an emulator in the In-Sight software from Cognex.

Approximating a lower resolution camera with a higher resolution camera

Sometimes we want to size up a machine vision inspection but our selection of cameras is limited. This video shows how to use a high resolution camera, such as an IS7802, to develop an application that requires a lower resolution camera such as an IS2000.

How to change an IP address on PC

A method on how to change the IP address of a PC.

How to obtain an emulator key from Cognex

The InSight Explorer and VC Explorer programs both need an activation key to use the emulator. In this video you will learn how to obtain it and activate both emulators.

How to change the IP address of a Cognex camera

How to connect your Cognex camera to an ethernet network by changing it’s IP address.

1 of 3 - Initial planning of a machine vision inspection

Part 1 of 3 of a series covering how to design and set up a machine vision inspection from start to finish. Covered: feature selection, camera resolution sizing, strategy.

2 of 3 - Proper image and lighting

Part 2 of 3 in a series covering how to design a machine vision inspection from start to finish. Covered: lighting, image formation.

3 of 3 - Programming and Outputs overview

Part 3 of 3 in a series showing how to set up a machine vision inspection from start to finish. Covers: programming using easybuilder, setting discrete and network outputs.

How to factory reset a Cognex camera

A short guide walking you through resetting a Cognex camera. If possible, download all jobs to a safe place before doing this procedure.

How to use PatMax in the Easybuilder environment

A short guide on how to use Cognex’s powerful pattern matching tool in the Easybuilder environment.

Website resources for getting started with Cognex

A short overview of resources found on the Cognex website.