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Solutions for Patient and Provider Protection

Medical staffs are particularly at risk from viruses and other ailments because of their increased exposure while treating infected patients. Personal protective equipment (PPE) helps prevent the spread of germs in the hospital, while protecting people and health care workers from infections. Patients also need to be attended to, even when space is limited due to increased demand. Medical privacy screens need to prevent the spread of germs by providing the right balance between open space and patient privacy in customizable configurations to allow the best patient care. In response to these immediate needs, Parker is offering a wide array of shielding and guarding solutions that are easy to build, quick to ship, easy to disinfect, and can be tailor made to meet the needs of the application.

Patient Shield

For use when intubating patients with Coronavirus, this prototype shield is constructed from 20 x 20 aluminum profile. The design is modular and easy to assemble on site. The top polycarbonate panel is attached to the extrusion, and the three framed panels are attached to a straight plate. One panel features pre-cut holes for patient intubation. The assembled shield is easy to clean and disinfect as needed. This design can also feature legs and wheels to roll over the top of the bed for ease of portability.

Emergency Room/Aisle Stretcher Protector

Constructed from light but strong aluminum extrusion material, this partition features a lightweight profile and a polycarbonate panel to protect neighboring beds in the room. It is approximately 6 feet by 4 feet and is equipped with adjustable leveling feet for stability. Alternatively, if you prefer, it can be fitted with casters for ease of portability. The durable polycarbonate panels are easily spray-cleaned, offering a quickly sanitized, comfortable environment for patients and staff alike.

Modular Hospital Room

This free-standing 12’ x 12’ room is made from 40×40 light aluminum IPS profile and 9 white opaque PVC panels that are pre-assembled. Each panel is approximately 4’ x 7’. The front opening can be closed for privacy with two 84” x 84” hospital cubicle curtains that slide on the extrusion track. The finished assembly is easily cleaned and sanitized. Either standard slotted profile or the smooth face style may be used.

Tandem Modular Hospital Room

12’ x 12’ hospital room modules can be ordered in multiple quantities to be assembled in tandem. Constructed of 40×40 light aluminum IPS profile, they are easy to assemble on site since the 9 white opaque PVC panels are shipped pre-assembled. Front opening for each room can be closed with two 84” x 84” hospital cubicle curtains that slide on the extrusion track. The finished assembly is easily cleaned and sanitized. Either standard slotted profile or the smooth face style may be used.

Panel Options

Single panels of different heights are available for adaptability to the application. Standard sizes include 7 ft and 8.6 ft tall panels, both 4.2 ft wide. Mounting feet are available in flange foot or floor mounting bracket styles.

Ventilator/Defibrillator Stands

These carts can easily be used in hospitals, emergency rooms or any temporary medical facilities treating patients with COVID-19. The finished assembly is easily cleaned and sanitized.
This three shelf modular cart features 18” x 20” shelves. The cart is 36” tall and constructed of aluminum profile. The shelves are designed with a ledge to prevent equipment from falling, and the cart assembly is equipped with locking casters.
Also available as an alternative is this portable rolling cart without lower shelves, for a lighter and more economical version.

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Key Benefits of Using Aluminum

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• Greatly reduced costs over traditional
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• Flexibility to re-configure as requirements
• Lightweight
• Easy storage
• Easy fabrication
• Great aesthetics

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