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Parker Trilogy

Parker Trilogy home page The powerful combination of Parker’s and Trilogy’s patented linear motor solutions gives automation and robotics customers distinct performance enhancements and cost of ownership bene? ts over competing technologies.  With a full complement of linear motor components and fully engineered positioning systems, Parker/Trilogy has one of the broadest offerings in available linear motor technologies. From component or “kit” style motors, packaged positioning tables, to complete custom engineered systems, Parker can provide a solution for any linear motion requirement.

more information I-Force Ironless Linear Motors

Parker’s I-Force Ironless Linear Motors offer high forces and rapid accelerations in a compact package. With forces ranging from 24.5 N (5.5 lbf) to 878.6 N (197.5 lbf) continuous up to 108.5 N (24.5 lbf) to 3928 N (883 lbf) peak, the I-Force family offers a superior combination of performance and size.  The I-Force patented I-beam shape with its overlapping windings allows for a higher power density in a smaller motor, improved heat removal, and added structural stiffness.

  • Cross sections available, 2.05" x 0.82" up to 4.50" x 2.00"
  • Four product series (110, 210, 310, 410) with up to 6 different coil lengths
  • Internal air and liquid cooling manifold available
  • Magnet tracks available as precision ground or lightweight formed and machined
  • Peak accelerations up to 15g and speeds to 350 inches/sec

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more information RIPPED IronCore Linear Motors

Parker RIPPED ironcore linear motors, with their patented anti-cog technology, produce the large forces needed for many industrial applications – without the roughness associated with traditional ironcore linear motors.  The RIPPED motor connector modules allow quick and easy installation while reducing overall maintenance costs. Ultra-high-flex cables come standard. Virtually cog-free operation combined with powerful ironcore technology make the RIPPED family of motors a superior choice for affordable high-force, ultrasmooth motion.

  • Three series of motors (R7, R10, R16) with 3 different coil lengths
  • Peak forces to 9342N (2100lb), Continuous forces to 2348N (528lb)
  • Modular magnet tracks with flush mounted magnet separators
  • Digital HED''s, Home & +/-Limit Sensors incorporated into Connector Module

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more information RIPPED IronCore Positioner

Parker Trilogy’s RIPPED linear positioners utilize our high-performance RIPPED ironcore linear motors in a pre-engineered, easily integrated, ready-to-run package. These positioners are engineered to achieve high performance at an economical cost while preserving design flexibility to accommodate customization. Combined with RIPPED ironcore motors -- with their patentpending anti-cog technology, these linear motor tables produce extremely smooth motion and can be used in many applications where ironless motors traditionally were needed.

  • Peak forces to 7435N (1671lb), Continuous forces to 2230N (501lb)
  • Cable strain relief built into connector module design
  • Internal thermal cutout switch protects coil

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more information I-Force Ironless Positioners

Parker Trilogy’s I-FORCE linear positioners utilize our high-performance I-Force ironless linear motors in a pre-engineered, easily integrated, ready-to-run package. The principal design goal for these positioners is to achieve high performance at an economical cost while preserving the design flexibility to accommodate customization. Trilogy’s positioners have selectable single- or dual-bearing to match the performance and cost requirements for each application. In addition, they are designed to connect together using transition plates for XY or multi-axis configurations. Options include a variety of cable management systems in addition to bellows and hard covers.

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more information LX80L Motor Driven Table

The LX80L is a small profile linear motor driven table with strokes up to 750 mm and loaded with high performance features for both rapid linear translation and precise positioning of smaller loads within very small work envelopes.

  • Velocity to 3 m/sec
  • Acceleration to 5 Gs
  • Repeatability to 1.5 microns
  • Encoder resolution to 0.1 microns
  • Cleanroom compatible

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more information 400LXR Table Series

The 400LXR Series linear servo motor tables are pre-engineered "plug and play" modules that combine slotless linear motor technology with performance matched mechanical elements to provide, high acceleration, high velocity, and quick settling, with accurate, highly repeatable positioning.  Offering an unrivaled range of features, sizes, travels, and ease-of-use options, these tables make it easy to size, select, and integrate a "best fit" linear motor solution. An innovative cable management system (with a convenient "pass-through" for user requirements) spearheads the list of selectable options which includes drives, encoder resolutions, Home and Limit sensors, cleanroom compatibility, pinning and more.

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more information MX80L Miniature Stage Series

Parker's MX80L Miniature Stage, the smallest linear servo-motor driven positioner in the industry, is redefining high throughput automation in the world of miniature positioners. The MX80 is a high performance linear servo motor stage designed to meet today's 24/7 production demands requiring rapid-fire positioning of light loads within a small work envelope.

  • Miniature Size - Low Profile (25 mm high X 80 mm wide)
  • 5G acceleration. High velocity (2 m/sec.)
  • Quick Settling, Submicron precision
  • Multi-axis platform
  • Selectable travels:25,50,100,150 mm.

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