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Nanomotion hmoe page Nanomotion designs  and manufactures advanced sub-system stages, complete motion systems,  ceramic servo motors and components, drivers and multi-axes  controllers.  Based on proprietary piezoelectric technology,  Nanomotion's motors and motion systems are suitable for a diversified  range of applications, from semiconductors to biomedical, metrology to  data storage.

more information Standard FB Motion Sytems

The FB Series product line is a family of standard, modular linear stages available for single and multi-axis applications. The stage configuration utilizes crossed roller bearings, a linear optical encoder, and Nanomotion's ceramic servo motors.  The stages are offered in a wide range of widths and travel lengths and can be combined in X/Y or X/Y/Z or other multi-axis configurations. Encoder resolutions can be varied to achieve a range of performance criteria and there are different size motors for each cross-section to meet necessary force/acceleration requirements.

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more information HR Motors

The HR motors are high precision ceramic motors. Designed and manufactured by Nanomotion, Ltd., the HR motors, combine unlimited stroke with high resolution in compact dimensions. Among its applications are microscopy, precision motion, robotics, etc. The motors provide a linear response to the input voltage. The operation of the motor and driver resembles that of a DC-motor driven by a voltage amplifier.  These motors are constructed of materials that have been selected and designed for high vacuum compatibility.

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more information ST Motors

The ST Series piezoelectric motor is the smallest motor of its kind. The ST provides high resolution motion control for linear or rotary devices in a fraction of the space of traditional mechanisms. The ST is ideal for small stepping as well as continuous travel, with the ability to make step increments in the tens of nanometers and the ability to operate at speeds up to 250mm/sec.

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more information EDGE Motors

Nanomotion's EDGE motor is the smallest industrial motor of its kind available in the marketplace today. Providing unlimited linear or rotary motion, the EDGE motor offers extensive opportunities in applications that suit a wide range of industries. The EDGE motor works with a uniquely designed, compact ASIC-based driver, and can be operated with any servo controller. The EDGE motor can be easily integrated into most bearing structures, and is ideal for mass production opportunities.

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moreinformation AB1A Drive Amplifier

The AB1A amplifier is a single axis digital driver that can run one or multiple Nanomotion motors in parallel. While operating in a closed loop servo system, the driver works as a velocity amplifier, receiving a +/- 10 volt analog command from the controller. The controller signal translates into AC voltage at 39.6 kHz to run the motor. In an open loop mode the amplifier can receive a signal from an external joystick, providing motion in a continuous or stepping mode.

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more information AB2 Driver Amplifier

The AB2 amplifier combines the normal velocity mode of the AB1A amplifier, for servo operation, with the DC mode, for ultra-high resolution positioning. The DC mode treats the motor as a traditional piezo actuator, providing the ability to make discrete moves at the 1 nanometer level. The DC mode uses the same ±10V analog signal from the controller output and translates it to a ±300 nanometer position move capability, with 1 nanometer resolution. This function can be operated in an open loop or closed loop manner. The switching between the velocity mode and DC mode is done seamlessly through a discrete input signal.

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more information AB4 Driver Amplifier

The AB4 amplifier offers the same performance as the AB1A, in a reduced package. The AB4 operates off of 12Vdc supply input and can drive up to 4 HR motor elements total, either 1 x 4 element HR motor, or multiple HR motors totaling 4 elements. The AB4 is the smallest standard motor amplifier and is provided with a 26-pin rear connector (26 pin, two row header). This connector provides access to all functionality (motor, power inputs, limits, and I/O functions), making it easy to integrate. Additional motor and power inputs are available with standard connections on the front.

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more information AB5 Driver Amplifier

The AB5 amplifier revolutionizes the driving concept for Nanomotion ceramic servo motors, enabling a frictionless and smooth motion throughout the entire velocity range. At stop, the inherent brake is activated, maintaining the many advantages of brake at power off. Consequently, the control scheme is simplified, facilitating the use of any low cost servo controller to achieve outstanding performance. As a result, in addition to our own FlexDC Motion Controller, the whole range of controllers in the marketplace can be used with Nanomotion motors, as well as generic control algorithms. No custom algorithm is needed to be used with Nanomotion motors. In addition, exceptional control performance is achieved at servo systems, showing robust performance at various working conditions.

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