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Helical home page Helical has over 50 years of experience designing and producing Flexures for use in products ranging from encoders to spacecraft. The adaptability of the HELI-CAL Flexure has helped to solve thousands of mechanical misalignment and motion control problems. The unique, mechanical characteristics of the “Flexure” have enabled Helical Products Company, Inc. to develop a series of highly versatile, “flexured” products which can compensate for irregularities such as angular and skewed misalignment, parallel offset and axial motion. All of this can be accomplished while maintaining constant rotational velocity and smooth bearing loads. The HELI-CAL product lines today include miniature flexible couplings, u-joints and machined springs.

more information Flexible Couplings

HELI-CAL® Flexure, flexible couplings are machined from single piece, homogenous high-strength aterials into helical (curved beam) configurations which eliminate elastomeric elements like rubber bushings, spiders, rubber discs and pads. Helical couplings compensate for shaft misalignment and work at high speed, transmitting high torque at a constant velocity. There is zero backlash.  No maintenance is needed. Helical couplings provide dynamic stability and vibrationfree, smooth bearing loads, even at misaligned positions.

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more information Machined Springs

A Helical machined spring is a single piece combining the elasticity of a spring integrated with parts-functions.  The most demanding extension, compression, torsion, and lateral bending and translation spring applications can benefit from HELI-CAL Flexures because of their superior function and inherent versatility. HELI-CAL Flexures benefit overall system designs through enhanced functionality, increased precision and cost reduction as a result of true engineering expertise providing predictable and repeatable elastic performance.

  • Repeatability-predictability
  • Precision elasticity
  • Integration with the entire product
  • Reduction of separate assemblies
  • Precise spring rates
  • Reduction of complexity and cost

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more information Flexure U-Joints

The "HELI-CAL Flexure" is an advanced and unique u-joint solution that generally exceeds the capabilities of common u-joint designs.  A Helical u-joint is really a flexure capable of over 5° of angular misalignment.  It may accommodate up to 90° of angular misalignment in certain circumstances.  This type of u-joint will also compensate for axial and parallel misalignment. A frequent application for the Helical flexure u-joint is the direct replacement for a 90° bevel gearbox.

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