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Fiama home page FIAMA designs and manufactures mechanical, electronic and electromechanical measurement and control devices.  These products are mainly used in production of machines for food industry, packaging machines, woodworking, glass, ceramic, marble, metal and mills.


more information Hollow Shaft Position Indicators

These hollow shaft position indicators mount directly to drive shafts to adjust and directly read a motion (or an angle) obtained by a drive shaft rotation, particularly suitable for little adjustments in small spaces.

  • Shaft diameters from Ø14 to Ø35mm
  • Stainless Steel shafts available
  • 3 to 5 Digit Indication ranges
  • Shock-proof self-extinguishing technopolymer case

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more information Battery-Powered Programmable Position Indicators

The Programmable Position Indicators are supplied with an internal battery and includes in the same case the position sensor and the display unit, measures linear or angular movements:it is compact, easy to install, and applicable to many types of industrial machinery.

  • Up to 4,000 pulses/revolution
  • 4 Year battery life
  • Hollow shaft diameters from Ø14 to Ø25mm

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more information Right-angle Drives for Position Indicators

These gearbox are suitable for the transmission of rotating motions between two shafts at right angles.

  • Anodized aluminum case
  • Conic treated steel gears
  • Shafts from Ø14 to Ø20mm
  • Torque from 4 to 80Nm

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more information Rotary Transducers

  • Absolute and incremental
  • Encoders from 50 to 500 pulses/revolution
  • Rotative potentiometer transducers

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more information Axial Linear Potentiometer Transducers

  • Aluminum case
  • Strokes from 25 to 900mm
  • IP67 Protection

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more information Absolute and Incremental Systems with Magnetic Band

  • Decimal and hundredth accuracy
  • Sensors available in Push-Pull or Line Driver versions

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more information Positioning Units and Servomotors

The positioning unit SERVO.D carries out a complete system for axis control made by a brushless motor with reducer and control with micro- processor of the driving motor built-in, and by a position transducer mounted on the output shaft and an interface for field-bus.

The positioning unit SERVO.M is made of a geared motor in direct current with microprocessor control of the driving gear and of an incremental position transducer (encoder) or absolute (precision potentiometer) assembled on the output shaft with interface for field bus and display with 5 digits.

  • Available in brushless or DC motor
  • Torque from 4 to 12Nm

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