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Delta Tau

Delta Tau home page Delta Tau delivers the most powerful and flexible motion controllers in the market today with the industries widest selection of open architecture motion controllers.   With over three decades of experience and innovation in motion control, there are currently more than 1,000,000 axes of motion being controlled by PMACs in just about every industry imaginable.

more information Machine & Motion Controllers

For controlling between 4 and 256 axes with unparalleled built-in features for any motion control application, using a variety of output control signals and communication protocols.

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more information Modular Rack Systems

UMAC is a modular rack system, permitting the user to choose their own hardware composition, including controller, I/O, amplifiers, communications cards, and axis interfaces.

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more information Integrated Controller-Amplifiers

Combining the versatility and strength of PMA  with power amplification stages (1 to 8 channels) for controlling a variety of motor types.

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more information MACRO Ring Products

Controllers, amplifiers, and I/O products using MACRO, a high bandwidth, non-proprietary fiber optic or wired field bus protocol for machine control networks.

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more information Amplifiers

Power amplification devices (1 to 4 channels) for controlling a wide variety of motors via a wide variety of control signals and communication methods.

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more information CNC Solutions

Packages grouping  human-machine interface console PCs and control panels for operating CNC milling and lathing applications.  The Advantage 900 is a flexible CNC system able to run different types of Milling or Lathe machines. It comes in the format of a PC with a CNC Operator Pendant. The user can interface this product with Turbo PMAC or Power PMAC. The user must combine this product with a controller in order to control systems.

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