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CGI Precision Gearheads

CGI home page CGI designs and builds high quality gearheads for AC induction motors, permanent magnet DC motors, stepmotors and servomotors. CGI can supply a complete motion control package, consisting of encoders, gearmotors, motion controllers, etc., to meet your application's requirements. From the simple to the complex, CGI can supply off-the-shelf products or provide a custom-fit solution.


more information Inline Gearheads

CGI inline gearheads offer a true planetary design with low backlash.  These Highly reliable gearheads feature:

  • Input pinion with balanced clamp collar
  • Quick installation  
  • Strong, caged roller bearings  
  • High torque capability

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more information Right Angle Gearheads

CGI offer 3 families of rightangle gearheads, Prime – Paragon – Spur Series.

These gearheads offer;  true planetary design, tapered roller bearings, low backlash design high shaft laoding capacity and quick installation.

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more information Offset Gearheads

The CGI offset gearmotor’s one-piece gear cluster provides cost-effective, light duty spearmotors with composite bushings throughout the gearhead.  The gears are high strength steel and precision hobbed with a heat treated stainless steel output shaft.

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more information Precision Components

CGI, Inc. is renowned for being able to provide complex precision-machined component parts of high quality and hold tolerances as tight as 2.5 microns.  These parts are machined from diverse metals, and involve a variety of hardness, surface treatment, heat-treating and plating requirements.

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