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Antaira logoAntaira Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer that provides high-quality industrial networking and communication product solutions. Antaira offers a full spectrum of product lines that feature reliable Ethernet infrastructures, extended temperature tolerance, and rugged enclosure designs. Their product lines range from industrial Ethernet switches, industrial wireless devices, Ethernet media converters, and serial communication devices..

Industrial EthernetAntaira industrial ethernet

Antaira's complete industrial Ethernet solutions deliver ease of use, reliability, and security to industrial networking infrastructures.

  • Unmanaged Switches
  • Managed Switches
  • IP67 Switches
  • Rackmount Switches

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Media ConvertersAntaira media converter

Antaira's Ethernet media converters are compact and easy to use devices designed to extend Ethernet networks beyond the limitations posed by copper cables.

  • Unmanaged Converters
  • Managed Converters
  • WDM Converters
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Ethernet Extenders
  • Industrial Converters
  • Rackmount Chassis

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Serial CommuncationsAntaira serial communications

Antaira's serial connectivity products are packed with features to provide versatile communication options as well as different mounting and connection solutions.

  • Serial to Ethernet
  • Serial to Wireless
  • Serial Media Converters
  • Fieldbus Gateway
  • Multiport Serial Cards
  • Industrial USB

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WirelessAntaira wireless

Antaira’s industrial IEEE 802.11 wireless AP/Bridge/Client and Cellular products are ruggedly designed to resist the various effects of harsh industrial environments.

  • AP/Bridge/Repeaters
  • Wireless Routers
  • Bluetooth Wireless

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Industrial SenaAntaira Industrial Sena

Antaira is proud to offer Sena device server and industrial bluetooth product lines for device networking solutions.

  • Terminal Servers
  • Bluetooth
  • Zigbee
  • Accessories

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SFP Modules Antaira SFP Modules

Antaira's compact and hot-pluggable SFP modules include 10G, Gigabit, and fast Ethernet interfaces suitable for wide operating temperature environments and provide flexibility for any network upgrades.

  • 100Mbps Modules
  • 10G SFP+ Modules
  • Gigabit Modules
  • 10G XFP Modules

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