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Strategic Advantages

Your productivity is our business

The Shelley Industrial Automation companies supply high technology automation and control products and services from regional offices across Canada. Shelley has been in business since 1959, specifying, providing, supporting and assisting in the integration and programming of the highest quality devices for Canadian manufacturers. Advancing your productivity is our business

A strategic partnership with Shelley provides:

  •  Access to the newest technologies from the highest quality manufacturers
  •  Quality support throughout the process; expert technical advice on the selection and application of automation technology products, efficient procurement and delivery, post sale service and support. 
  •  Product integration support as required, including complete integration services, programming and sub assembly. 
  •  Frequent standard technical training classes, and custom training at our facilities or at our customers facilities; 
  •  Authorized manufacturers warranty repair service at it's center in Toronto. 
  •  Efficiency: Shelley companies operate from regional offices across Canada. For multi location customers, components and technical services are close to wherever support may be required.