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Marking and Reading

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Banner Engineering Corp.   

  • iVu Barcode Reader
  • Advanced Traceability in Rugged Package
  • Integrated Touch Screen
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Cognex Fixed Mount Readers

  • Image-based 1D adn 2D Barcode Readers
  • Variable Focus Liquid Lens Technology
  • Controllable Field-interchangeable Lighting
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Cognex Handheld ID Readers

  • Industrial Barcode Readers
  • Superior DPM Reading Performance
  • Wirelesss Modular Communication
  • ID Readers and Mobile Computers


Telesis Laser and Peen Marking Systems

  • DPM Marking Systems
  • Total Printing & COding Solutions
  • Laser Marking Systems
  • PinStamp
  • Multi-head PinStamp & Telescribe Systems